Which is The Best Web Scraper For Google Maps?


What Do You Need to Consider Before Buying A Web Scraper for Google Maps?

Should I go for a paid tool or a free tool? This is the question that comes in everyone's mind whether it is a marketer or a businessman or who is looking for the best web scraping tool. The truth is, it doesn't matter if the tool is paid or free. The data miner should be automated in nature to look for new and relevant data on the web at specific intervals.

Today, web scraping is not a labor-intensive job. Most of the businesses run on the web, and the number of daily users of these businesses is everywhere on the social networks and business directories websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and of course Google Maps. New data is posted on the web every minute, and hence lots of data is available to be scrapped. Every business on Google Maps is posting about their products and services every day and thousands of customers are leaving their precious reviews on these businesses.

Business owners who are ready to take out the challenge and use the data posted online for their benefit can invest in a good web scraping software that can help them collect all the relevant data from thousands of businesses of Google Maps for their businesses.

So, what should you look for when you are looking for a web scraping tool for Google Maps? There are many Google Maps scraping tools in the market. The right Google Maps Scraper should scrape data from Google Maps with good performance in the least time possible.

Here are some important factors you should consider when choosing the right web data extractor for scraping data from Google Maps for your business.

Easy to Use

A good data mining tool should be easy to use and give accurate and usable data. It should be automated to give accurate results within the shortest time possible. The tool should be easy to use even to those who are new to web scraping and data extraction. It should also not be limited to any format when giving results. A good Google Maps Contact Extractor should give you results in any format like CSV, Excel, and Text files.

Having Tutorials to Understand

You don't want to invest in a data scraper that does not offer directions of use in the form of tutorials. Video Tutorials are vital for new users who do not have the knowledge of using the software. These materials should be readily available on the website or YouTube for the users to learn how to use the software.

A website blog is also a great source to provide information about the software to the buyer. It equips the users with knowledge of the data fetching tool and its importance.


Price options are not a major factor to put into consideration when selecting a Google Maps scraping tool, but you need to factor it in too. It is not a good idea to choose a Screen Scraping Tool that has features that do not apply to the nature of your business. It can waste your time and money. Choose a Google Maps Traffic Data Extractor that works best for your enterprise and matches well with the nature of your business. Choose a data extractor that provides you data according to your keywords. Moreover, it has the ability to scrape data from Google Maps by location, city, country, zip code, etc...

Google Map Extractor Software will serve you with the above features and help you extract data that is relevant to the shortest time possible. Its automated web scraping abilities will contribute to making data extraction easier, fast, and relevant.

Why Do You Need to Use Google Maps Data Extractor Software?

There are many reasons to use this Google Maps scraper in which some of these are described.

Improve Your Campaign Efficiency

You can collect data from thousands of businesses by using this Google Maps Grabber. Be it for calls, emails, or, posts with a huge b2b leads database collected from Google Maps you can be more efficient in your sales.

Improve Your Sales And Revenue

Genuine business leads data collected with Google Maps Crawler helps you filter your audience and target them better. In results, you can increase your sales and revenue with this updated and relevant data and can connect with the right audience.

Connect with Millions of Businesses

New companies need a lot of products and services. They're looking to establish relationships with reliable vendors and require a variety of services and products on a day-to-day basis. Google Maps Lead Extractor can scrape 700-800 business listings in a day. It means you can connect with 800 businesses daily to sell your product or services.

Data Sorter and Exporter

Google Maps Web Extractor scrapes data in an organized manner and saves it in CSV, Excel, and Text file formats.

Helpful for Both B2B And B2C Businesses

If your customers are businesses and you need business leads data from Google Maps like business name, business location, business hours, established date, website URL, and much more Google Places Scraper provides your data.

If your customers are consumers and you want to scrape customer reviews from Google Maps then Google My Business Extractor is also helpful for you to collect business reviews data.

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